Dizziness / Vertigo:  Dizziness often result from problems with the vestibular system, the sensory organs tucked deep in the inner ear that control balance and equilibrium. Through a series of manual maneuvers Sheepscot Bay PT can restore normal vestibular function and eliminate dizziness often in just one visit.

Ergonomics & Treatment of Repetitive Use Syndromes:  We offer work site evaluations for your workplace or home work area. This is a detailed examination of how you and your equipment interface and how it may affect you and your body. Often corrections are inexpensive and fairly simple yet make a big difference in a worker’s quality of life. Repetitive use problems are best treated soon after they are discovered. With the correct solutions these problems often resolve fairly quickly.

Athletic / Dance Injuries: Many athletes suffer from injuries Sheepscot Bay PT program are aimed at increasing flexibility, correcting muscle imbalances and improving body awareness, which gets you back to your favorite activity better than before. We also can work with you for performance enhancement in your specific activity, including evaluating your golf swing to improve your drive or straighten it out, or increase your core strength to make that pirouette more stable.

Acute / Chronic Pain:   Successful treatment of acute or chronic pain requires a multifaceted program involving many aspects of a person’s life. Musculoskeletal dysfunction is often at the root of many of these problems. It is imperative that the patient fully participate in this program to work

~ Our Services ~

Sportsmetrics:  Sportsmetrics is a scientifically proven program specifically designed for female athletes in order to decrease the risk of knee ligament injuries and increase performance.

Seniors In Motion Exercise Class:  Not only is this a fun hour it also helps with fall prevention, balance, quality of life, social interaction and to maintain independence.

Foot & Ankle Therapy / Custom Orthotics: Our feet are so incredibly important to our everyday function and it is such an inconvenience when they hurt or don’t work right. We can help reduce or resolve your foot pain, often by stretching and exercise. Feet can also cause knee or hip pain! Custom orthotics may be a part of the solution, which we can provide.

Headaches / Migraines:  Headaches are often caused by posture Dysfunction or muscle imbalances. You will be assessed for these and treatment will be based on findings.

Traumatic Injuries: From motor vehicle accidents to work Injuries, Sheepscot Bay PT can get you back to work and back on track with your normal activities.

Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy

Making life better one patient at a time!

Massage Therapy:In response to massage, specific physiological and chemical changes cascade throughout the body, it can be a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen.

Balance & Fall Prevention:  Balance is a complicated interaction of the visual, sensory and vestibular systems. As we get older, all of these systems naturally lose acuity. However, like a muscle, balance can be strengthened and trained. Sheepscot Bay PT is extremely suited to train balance and reduce fall risk among elderly.

Joint Replacement Rehab:  Joint replacement rehabilitation is best done with a balance between hard work and treating a new joint with care. We work diligently with you to achieve your goal or resume the activity that you have been missing.