Aquatherapy has many applications in Physical Therapy​

​Aquatic Therapy can:

Reduce swelling
Increase blood flow to muscles
Promote relaxation
Improve flexibility and range of motion
Help give you a better sense of balance and coordination

Increase range of motion while not fully weight bearing

Increase strength with easier movement

Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy Pool includes:

  • Therapeutic temperatures
  • Underwater treadmill
  • Rowing machine while in water
  • Resisted Swimming with a swim tether
  • Endless pool for swimming or balance work
  • Therapeutic Hydro-massage Jets for muscle relaxation
  • ​Handrails for Safety

Who Can Benefit from  aquatherapy?

Patients who are recovering from:

Balance deficits
Breast surgery
Chronic pain
Head injury
Low back pain
Should, knee, hip or ankle pain
Spinal cord injuries
Stroke-induced disabilities
Total knee or hip replacement

​Traumatic Injury

Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy offers Aquatic Therapy with our Indoor Pool !

  • Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy uses a dedicated therapy pool at their clinic in Waldoboro set at therapeutic temperatures  for optimal results for recovery.
  • Aquatherapy has been shown to decrease healing times with some orthopedic injuries and surgeries
  • Aquatherapy is an evidence-based practice endorsed by the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association​​​

Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy

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